Custom Tubes

At Ohio Paper Tube, our orders are custom-made and packaged to your specifications. We place a priority on personal customer service and a willingness to work with special customer needs.

We produce all sizes of spiral-wound tubes and cores. Diameters range from 0.375 to 48 inches, and we custom cut to any length specifications. We can also customize the coating of the tubes and cores, allowing the exact finish and length required.

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Concrete FormsConcreteforms

One of the special uses contractors found for our sprial-wound paper tubes is to use them as concrete forms.

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Environmental Impact of our products

Ohio Paper Tube takes the environmental impact of our industry very seriously. For years, we have used recycled, eco-friendly paper to ensure that all of our products are environmentally friendly. In fact, all parts of our paper tubes are recyclable and Green Productsbiodegradable, right down to the water-soluble glue that holds them together. Because our products are made from paper, you can be sure that they are compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable. At Ohio Paper Tube, we continue to lead the packaging industry in providing green alternatives for the eco-conscious consumer.